How I Struck Gold In My Own Kitchen

I discovered something amazing this week that I need to share immediately: dish gloves. I supposed I’ve know about the existence of dish gloves for some time, and have even had a pair under my sink for years. I just always thought they were kind of unnecessary and ridiculous. So what really happened this week is I became a believer in dish gloves.

With the cold weather coming my “winter skin” is already setting in, making my hands dry and miserable. Anyone who knows me knows that I am constantly fighting a pretty extreme battle with the skin on my hands. I’ve tried everything and usually find little relief. To make matters worse, since I don’t have a dishwasher and am always cooking, my hands spend a lot of time in water. This is the last place they should be since water strips away the moisture barrier in your skin. Last year, I visited the dermatologist about my eczema and her first recommendation was to wear dish gloves.

So, I gave them a try (a year later) and am totally hooked. If you struggle with dry, cracked, chapped hands in the winter I highly recommend dish gloves. The pair I have are plain old pink latex gloves and they do the job just fine. But for fun, I spent some time perusing other options and stumbled upon the market of handmade accessorized dish gloves. Here’s a peak at what I found:

Cute and Classic…

Ditsy Floral Nitrile Cleaning Gloves$13


Designer Rubber Dish Gloves, $20

For the temptress…

Kitschy Kitschy Ya Ya Dish Gloves, $22

How do you keep your hands in good shape in the cold weather?


3 thoughts on “How I Struck Gold In My Own Kitchen

  1. I never saw such cute “dish gloves”. I always called them rubber gloves and used them to save a manicure.
    Thanks again for the new “fashion statement”.

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