About Me

Hi, I’m Samantha, and my favorite place is my kitchen. It helped me through some big loss and heartache, and in the process I discovered a lot about myself. Now, how I eat has become the point of origin for everything else in my life. Here’s the secret: I don’t let myself get sick of anything. I’m always trying new, different and (mostly) clean ways to cook the foods I love. I’m still learning. Sometimes I fail, but the process has been pretty life-altering.

For a year and a half I was a vegetarian- so the challenge was, how many ways can I use an eggplant? Then, I moved in with my long-time hunting boyfriend and now our freezer is bursting with wild game. What is a girl to do? I’ll tell you what: figure out how to make the best clean eating venison chili she knows how. Adapt. You can turn anything in life into a recipe, and every recipe can be “cleaned” up. I want to eat in a way that is healthy for me, my community and the planet- and that is it for the rules.

This lifestyle has also motivated me to become more fit that I have ever been. I continuously set new workout goals that challenge and inspire me. I’ve learned that without proper fuel, I cannot perform the way I want to in the gym. Also, I get really grumpy.

I’ve picked up tips and tricks so far, and am more than happy to share! So, stay tuned for some squeaky clean recipes and other tips, mixed with the classics and served on a bed of thoughtful pondering.


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